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RCLL is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteer parents, coaches, and an all-volunteer League board. 

As a volunteer organization, we need the help of the RCLL community to support the organization and our players.  This includes leveraging a Dibs volunteer system to cover various shifts during our season.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Dibs Volunteer Sign Up

RCLL is using DIBS system to schedule and manage our volunteer opportunities including hours in the concession stand, concessions grill and pitch count/scoreboard booth.

Your On-Line Registration will activate your League Wide Emails for the season. If you are NOT getting email from the association, please review the email address you used when you registered your player(s).

Please Note:  NGIN, the creator of the Robbinsdale Crystal American Little League Dibs Module, has a number of sport websites in the area. If you have a web account with any of the NGIN websites, you should use that account name and password for RCLL Dibs Registration.

How to earn DIBS credits:

DIBS credits are earned by claiming and fulfilling a posted shift. Head Coaches/Team Parents may ask parents to help occasionally. Helping out at practices or during games are NOT considered dibs volunteer shifts. 

Six shifts of DIBS credits are granted to one head coach per team. If the coach has more than one child participating, the coach will receive 6 shift credits for one of the players and then complete the rest of the shifts during the regular season or post-season tournaments. One DIBS credit is granted to one team parent per team.  Head coaches will also have additional credits to divide between assistant coaches.  The amount given will depend on the number of assistant coaches on your team and time volunteered.


 Some important FACTS you need to know:

  • Please use/create only one NGIN account per family. Divorced and/or separated parents will need to work together on claiming shifts as the Dibs program will only show the session under the account that registered the player.
  • Parent(s) create ONE account per family (They will be listed as Default Profile) the children are listed as (Sub Profile)
  • Your NGIN account will remain the same from year to year. If you have children that play other sports in a different association (i.e. hockey, soccer, lacrosse) and they use NGIN, you will want to use the same NGIN account for our association as well.
  • Parents can set up email alerts to go to several email accounts while maintaining privacy. (Work email, personal email, spouse’s work and personal email address.)


I am not receiving notification of any volunteer shifts.

The volunteer coordinator periodically sends out notifications that DIBS volunteer shifts are either coming out soon or available.  If you have not received any notifications, please email the volunteer coordinator at  to verify your email address. You can also check your NGIN account to make sure that we have your current email information on file. The other reason could be that you are not the parent that registered the player, so your email address is not on file with us and the other parent will need to add you.

Why aren't there any shifts to volunteer for?

If you click on the session name and you don't see any shifts listed, this would mean that there are currently no shifts available to claim.  Volunteer shifts are usually posted to the website every 2 weeks and a notification via email is sent.

I can't make my volunteer shift that I signed up for.

You have up to 2 days prior to a shift to log into the dibs program and "unclaim" a shift. If you are unable to work your volunteer shift and are in the 2 day window, please notify the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible so he/she can try to find a replacement. The volunteer coordinator will be able to unassign you from the shift so that another person can claim it.

When will my Dib shift be marked complete?

The volunteer coordinator will generally mark shifts complete once a week. 

How old do volunteers need to be?

Volunteers need to be at least 16 years old to work in the concession stand being a runner.   


How many hours do I have to volunteer?

Volunteer Requirements

  • 1 Child = 6 shift minimum (about 12 hours total)
  • 2 Children = 8 shift minimum (about 16 hours total)
  • 3+ Children = 9 shift minimum (about 18 hours total)

 *Please note that checks will be destroyed when your Dibs requirements are complete.

How do I get email alerts to more than one email address?

 Go to our website and log in

  1. Click on your username (top left corner)
  2. Select “Dashboard”
  3. Look for “Account Settings” and select
  4. Look for “Add email address” and follow the commands
  5. Tell the owner of the email account to confirm the account